Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dog and meditation.

There is nothing like a dogs nose,
It's a wonderful coolness.
A prod by a cool snout will pull you back,
The focus of the moment.
The awareness of the dogs nose.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday I had an interesting experience today while walking Bunny (our family dog.)
I happened to be paying attention to my breath as it passed through my nostrils, when the change in air flow happened.
I just happened to be 'present' when the shift happened from the Pingla (the right side of the nostril) to the Ida (the left side of the nostril. ) Though it happens all the time, for me it was very neat. :)

Another interesting thing that happened.  Later on in the day, after a long session of asanam.  I noticed that my breathing pattern had changed again.  Though this time the breath was coming equally through the Pingla and Ida.  Then about 30 min after the session, my breath then reverted to the original breathing pattern.  Shifting from the Pingla to the Ida and so on.
Funny I never noticed this before.  It also seems that I need to have had a lengthy session to have this effect.  For instance, this morning during my AM practice, which is only 30 min (or so.)  I did not have this experience, so I shall have to see what happens this afternoon during the longer set.
Learning something new… Boy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Light on Yoga Project (Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana & Garudasana.)

5th August, 2010.

Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana (p.94)
This asana worked the hips very, and they got a great stretch.
My left side was more supple then my right side.  This may have something to do with the scoliosis.
During the asana I used blocks to get to the floor.  I could put the length of my fingers on the floor, but not my whole hand.
Extended my spine which helped.
Another thing that I found which helped me, was to move the muscles in my quadriceps on the standing leg.  This helps with the forward folding, and tucking the heal of the other foot into the abdomen.
Relaxing the abdomen helps with the forward fold.
Be sure to not overdo the forward fold when you have your heal in the abdomen.  This can result in strain or discomfort after the asana is over.

Garudasana (p.97)
I could feel the stretch on the sides of my trunk.  My hips opened as my feet and ankle wrapped around the standing leg.
Overall this was a very pleasant stretch.
Shoulders relaxed nicely, and my elbows were around the level of the chin.
Spine extended from the heart up wards.
Keeping the arches of the feet active helped with the stability of the asana.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Light on Yoga Project (Uttanasana & Urdhva Prasrita Ekapadasana.)

28th July, 2010.

Uttanasana (p.92)
Extended from the spine.
The asana went well.  i still cannot put my whole hand on the floor.  I can manage all of the fingers flat, but not the palm.
I like this. Very cooling and relaxing.

Urdhva Prasrita Ekapadasana (p.93)
What can I say, but it needs work.
I could put the hand on the proper ankle, but my up leg would go above my hips, but not anywhere like straight up.
This is going to be fun to explore.  Maybe against a wall.

Light on Yoga Project (Padangustasana & Padahastasana.)

28 July, 2010.

Padangustasana (big toe) (p.89.)
Tight hamstrings.
I extended from the his and pelvis.  This helped a lot.
Gently widening the diaphragm, and stretched the shoulder blades.

Padahastasana (p.90)
This was quite nice.
One needs to extend from the pelvis.
I worked the diaphragm, and stretched the shoulders as well.

Light on Yoga Project (Utkatasana & Padangustasana.)

21st July, 2010.

Utkatasana (p.89)
Worked the thighs!
Balance was just in front of the heals.
Relaxed shoulders and breathing into the back.

Padangustasana (p.90)
Breathed well.  I tried adding Uddhiyana Banda into the mix.  That was not a good idea!
The legs are coming along, and I got a much better stretch.

Light on Yoga Project (Parighasana & Ustrasana.)

20th July, 2010.

Parighasana (p.85.)
I found that if you maintain relaxed shoulders it really helps the performance of the asana. One thing I also found was if the foot of the extended leg does not lay flat o the floor. Putting a block under your foot really leg and hip relax more.  You then get a much better stretch.
I also noticed that my left side took much longer to relax.  This this is the side that is most affected by the scoliosis.  At first the breathing was a little labored, but relaxing the shoulders really helped the breathing become easier.
Over all it was vary nice.

Ustrasana (p.87.)
Breathed into my upper back. 
I could feel the stretch in my thighs. :)
Over all it was comfortable.